Alfaisal University

Administrative Officer (CoL) - 130622


The administrative Officer is responsible to provide administrative support to CoL management, day-to-day coordinating with other AU Departments, responsible for all department communication, planning, and executing events such as Open House, etc. Moreover, processing all e-requests from all Alfaisal systems. As well as preparing quality reports. The administration officer is responsible in making posters, broachers for the CoL.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Schedules, plans, and coordinates tasks in accordance with COL&R’s strategy.
  • Oversees and administers the day-to-day activities of the office. Responding to e-mails, give orientation to new members of CoL, process all forms, writing memos, hiring data, etc.
  • Coordinates with other AU staff, such as making schedules with Student Affairs, scheduling rooms from facility, requesting any technical support from IT, develop e-form system.
  • Assists with the implementation of department policies and procedures to ensures that office operations are in compliance with policy provisions and standards.
  • Collects data and updates records from various sources then analyzes for accuracy, completeness, and relevance.
  • Prepares statistical, technical, quality, financial, and confidential and other various reports, charts, and graphs.
  • Handles department needs such as petty cash, supply, and communication with other departments such as Student Affairs, IT, Facility, Finance on behalf of the college to ensure smooth operation of the college.
  • Communicates with faculty, admins, students about all necessary information such as changing in class time or location by sending e-mail to students or all.
  • Handles HRSS for opening new position requestion for COL staff or faculty and prepares the interview producer such as interview assessment form, CV, communication with HR regarding the interview dates, times.
  • Coordinates and attends events, meetings, or other activities as requested by the supervisor.
  • Processes all E-requests from Alfaisal systems such as E-forms.
  • Gives a training to faculty members on using Alfaisal systems.
  • Maintains filing and office records accurately.
  • Assists in making content such as the open house presentation, holiday posters, admission policy.
  • Performs all duties in a professional, competent, and confidential manner.
  • Performs all other related duties as required or assigned by the manager.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Human Resources, Finance, Public Relations or equivalent from an accredited institute.
  • Minimum of two (2) years’ experience working in Human Resources, Public Relations, or related fields (Desirable).

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