Alfaisal University

Senior Lecturer of Clinical Embryology & Reproductive Science (COM#150523)

Job Title

Senior Lecturer of Clinical Embryology & Reproductive Science (Research & Graduate Studies, CoM)


Senior Lecturer – teaching Clinical Embryology and Reproductive Science for the Graduate Program (MBS-CERB)

Job Description

  • Teaching reproductive cell biology, molecular biology, bioinformatics and computational genomics to graduate students enrolled in MBS-CERB program (Clinical Embryology and Reproductive Biology)
  • Supervise Masters and PhD candidates in lab and ensure the structure lab session have enough specimens
  • Attend all structured lab sessions
  • Prepare inventory of specimens
  • Attend Departmental meeting
  • Prepare MCQ and OSPE for each exam
  • Publish research data
  • Attend all workshops organized by the Department of Medical Education
  • Participate in Invigilation duties as organized by the assessment office
  • Performs all other related duties as required or assigned by manager
  • Ensure that the courses are taught in accordance with the learning objectives

Job Type

  • Full Time Faculty Member


  • CERB (Clinical Embryology & Reproductive Biology)

Preffered Qualification & Experience

  • PhD in related field (Reproductive cell biology or Molecular Cell Biology) With min of 2-years experience.
  • Applicants with teaching and research experience in CERB are encouraged to apply.

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