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Adjunct Assistant Professor - Biological/ Biomedical Sciences (CoSGS)#070523


Assistant Professor - Biological/Biomedical Sciences is responsible for teaching, research, and University/Community service in accordance with the Alfaisal University policies and procedures as set forth in the Faculty Handbook. The teaching responsibilities are assigned by the academic department head and may include serving as an academic advisor. The Assistant Professor engages in scholarly activities beyond those associated with teaching and is expected to demonstrate professional productivity in research, based upon the availability of resources and interdisciplinary research in biological sciences, systems biology, and environmental science, and mentor undergraduate and graduate (M.S.) students.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Reviews and maintains the integrity of the curriculum offered by the college in collaboration with the Department Chair.
  • Teaches courses, conducts tutorial sessions and, if needed and depending on the related field, teaches laboratories in accordance with course outlines and as outlined in the Alfaisal University workload policy.
  • Participates in student advising about their academic progress (i.e., academic advising).
  • Establishes instructional standards in accordance with college policies and informs students, in writing (syllabi), of such standards and policies.
  • Designs and develops undergraduate and graduate courses aligned with curriculum and Alfaisal University objectives.
  • Develops and delivers assessments that fairly measure student progress toward course objectives.
  • Provides the necessary feedback to students about their exam results within reasonable deadlines as set by the college provide.
  • Maintains accurate records of student progress and post final grades within the deadlines after their approval by the Department chair.
  • Posts and maintains regular office hours to ensure accessibility to colleagues and students for advising and consultation.
  • Participates in evaluation processes such as peer evaluation of teaching performance.
  • Prepares course specification, course report and course portfolios in accordance with the related accreditation agencies standards (NCAAA, ABET).
  • Contributes to scholarly research and publication activities related to the field.
  • Contributes towards administrative assignments through various committees, university services and social responsibilities.
  • Performs all other duties in a professional, effective, and confidential manner.
  • Performs all other related duties as required or assigned by the manager.

Qualifications And Competencies

Education/ Certificates
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Life sciences or equivalent from an accredited institute.
Professional Experience
  • Minimum of four (04) years of experience in teaching, and strong research record.

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