Alfaisal University

Business Analysts (NAC#030722)


Job Summary

The position aims to support the director of the competitiveness center under the Research & Graduate Studies. This includes developing best practices and professional competitiveness consultancy and management services. The position holder will also take active part in the on-going engagements to complete all projects with full satisfaction of internal and external agencies. The university has already taken active steps to establish the center of competitiveness which is chaired by a dedicated faculty member. The worker in this position will work under this director and shall be responsible to support all relevant activities; such as liaising with other parties, manage the center logistics, gather project data, analyze/document the data, perform advanced programing for data mining, manage required policies/procedures/standards, and support all activities to complete new and on-going initiatives/projects.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Support the director of the competitiveness center to manage the day-to-day activities to achieve the expected objectives of the center and stakeholders (Internal and External)
  • Develop, communicate, and manage appropriate policies and procedures for effective management of the center related projects.
  • Take active roles in evaluating business processes, analyze performance, identify areas for improvement, and developing and implementing appropriate solutions
  • Develop a governance system to preform ongoing reviews of the business processes and developing optimization strategies.
  • Adoption of advanced technologies for managing all competitiveness related information for ease and secure access by all authorized staff
  • Conducting meetings and presentations to share ideas and findings with the stakeholders
  • Liaise with the internal and external parties, agencies, and international bodies to ensure excellent collaborative and mutually supported approaches for achieving project objectives
  • Develop and communicate progress and status reports on timely manner with the director of the center, executive management, and other key stakeholders. These reports must include essential details for full visibility on progress with adequate measures taken to identify and to manage associated risks
  • Support and document financial budget and expenditures to manage all competitiveness management matters. Regular and updated information must be provided to ensure adequate budget and resources are assigned to the all related projects
  • Update all published information (e.g. on website, internal, or external) to ensure consistency and accuracy with the actual project development and authorized changes
  • Follow and adhere to the university code of conduct in managing gathered information and access to available resources
  • If required, develop and administer appropriate tools (e.g., surveys) to gather specific information from targeted sample population
  • Arrange and manage external site visits to companies and related agencies as directed by the direct manager. Manage visits by external parties to the university for project management and discussions purposes. For all such activities, detailed reports must be developed with minutes, lesson learned, and recommendations
  • Manage all introduced changes supported by effective communication with all parties to insure integration implementation of the changes
  • Demonstrate strong commitment and dedication at all times through provision quality services with suggestion of initiatives for on-going development and effective management of assigned tasks
  • Quality assurance on the development, implementation, and management of the competitiveness proposal management and related policies and procedures
  • Maintain central repository of all competitiveness documentation

Internal Relationships

  • Director of Competitiveness Center, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies

External Relationships

  • All external stakeholders engaged with the center


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Business Administration, or equivalent from an accredited institute.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s in Business or other related field
  • Preferably in consultancy environments

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