Alfaisal University

Communications & Network Administrator (NAC#230123)


Job Summary

The Communications & Network Administrator is responsible for all activities concerning PC user’s support, communication and networking, this includes planning and leading the network design and performance, installation of PC hardware and sets up, testing of PC equipment, and new applications software and upgrades.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Participates in the development of University Infrastructure and Networking function’s policies and procedures to maintain efficient operational practices and enhance control standards within the function.
  • Provides long term planning and leadership for network design and performance.
  • Monitors and maintains network documentation, network material and supply inventories.
  • Analyses and leads integration of network management applications and tools to expand network operational performance.
  • Troubleshoots complex network failures and implements solutions for increasing network capacity in a growing and high user environment.
  • Evaluates new technologies and their impact on network and internet infrastructure.
  • Identifies, assesses, and chooses particular firewall hardware packages to be installed in the Alfaisal University Network to protect Alfaisal University resources from access or threat.
  • Participates in defining and identifying of the Infrastructure and Networking requirements of the Alfaisal University.
  • Performs network implementation and network management activities including installation, testing, configuring active devices, setup and maintenance of network infrastructure.
  • Performs hardware analysis to provide comparative data of performance characteristics and suitability within the existing systems environment.
  • Assists in generating network monitoring and performance reports for LAN/WAN and IT Infrastructure utilization studies and provides reports to IT Infrastructure Manager on monthly basis.
  • Formulates programming and configuration system changes for software applications to facilitate network system capability.
  • Assesses new infrastructure technology or infrastructure modification required and recommends network design changes/enhancements for improved system availability and performance.
  • Participates in various IT projects intended to continually improve the network infrastructure and helps in selecting cost effective solutions to adapt applications to new approved standards.
  • Solves network security related issues by; applying patches, re-configuring servers and network devices, installing firewalls on the mail gateway server, loading latest version of anti virus and performing back up if necessary.
  • Monitors and quickly identifies potential problems to keep network devices from failing unexpectedly.
  • Provides guidance, support, leadership, and conducts annual performance appraisal management to employees to ensure effective and efficient flow of work, and ensures that all employees recognize their fundamental roles to achieve the University’s overall objectives.

Internal Relationships

  • Department Heads at the Alfaisal University
  • All System Users at the Alfaisal University

External Relationships

  • Service Providers
  • IT Consultants

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree in computer science or other related field.
  • 5 - 6 years of related and relevant experience, preferably in university or school environment.

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