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Mass Spectrometry Specialist (CoM#291222)


Mass Spectrometry Specialist is responsible for developing and applying methodologies primarily in the technical area of mass spectrometry (LC/MS) in the filed of proteomics, metabolomics, and lipidomic.

The role of the Mass Spectrometry Specialist is to provide technical and operational support for a laboratory or group, with a focus on optimizing productivity. The Mass Spectrometry Specialist will enable and facilitate research, contributing skills and expertise to projects within the group and with external collaborators, under the general direction of the Laboratory Head or Postdoctoral Scientist.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Works independently on research projects with minimal guidance except for the design of project objectives as assigned by Alfaisal University researchers.
  • Oversees the implementation and development of mass spectrometry-based high throughput screening capability within the Alfaisal University researchers. It is added by HR, please check if the task is related to the position if will cancel it.
  • Develops and performs different research applications on LC-QTOF MS such as untargeted and targeted Proteomics, lipidomics and Metabolomics studies.
  • Participates in the development and evaluation of new techniques/procedures on the LC-QTOF MS/HPLC/FPLC systems and investigate possible areas of improvement.
  • Operates and assists in maintenance of the LC-QTOF MS/HPLC/FPLC systems and other equipment in the laboratory.
  • Manages routine maintenance of the LC-QTOF MS/HPLC/FPLC systems including cleaning, repairs, and preventive maintenance.
  • Conducts experimentation, samples preparation and analysis on LC-QTOF MS/HPLC/FPLC systems.
  • Performs different types of extraction methods such as solid phase extraction, liquid extraction, direct precipitation, ...etc.
  • Supervises activities of junior level staff and undergraduate and graduate students in the laboratory.
  • Assists in the preparation of standard operating procedures (SOPs), ISO accreditation and other required accreditation pertaining to the lab.
  • Establishments of training programs for undergraduate and graduate students on the LC-QTOF MS/HPLC/FPLC systems.
  • Manages research data and outputs including new methods and theories; coordinate, label, and file, ensuring compliance with open access requirement of funding bodies and publishers. It is added by HR, please check if the task is related to the position if will cancel it.
  • Conducts training workshops for trainees from different industries such as Pharmaceutical Industry, Food Industry, ...etc., on the LC-QTOF MS/HPLC/FPLC systems.
  • Acts as a lab safety officer to assure all safety practices are followed in the lab.
  • Performs all other duties in a professional, effective, and confidential manner.
  • Performs all other related duties as required or assigned by manager.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or equivalent from accredited institute.
  • Minimum of six (06) years’ experience in research institution or related fields or related fields (Desirable).

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