Alfaisal University

MBA Supervisor or Manager (CoB#150922)


Job Summary

The Administrator of the MBA program at the College of Business of Alfaisal University helps the dean or his designate and the faculty to deal with all administrative and many of the academic matters of the MBA program. Please see below.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

The job consists of many activities; all are focused on attracting/recruiting qualified students, supervise them after admission to have smooth and enjoyable study at CoB up to graduation, and help follow-up on their carriers. Below is the specification of these activities:

  • Understanding the curriculum and requirements of the MBA degree and its potential revisions; and the specializations of the related or required faculty.
  • Understand the AU Graduate and Research Office rules and processes concerning admission, probation, dismissal, appeals, graduation, and MOHE scholarships
  • Participate in updating the website and catalog of the MBA program; their attractiveness and effectiveness
  • Develop the required information, including the appropriate ads, to be disseminated to potential students, and answer inquiries about the MBA program and its curriculum, admission rules, and process
  • Work with the Office of the Graduate and Research Office at AU to inspect and complete the application files, and advance them for admission
  • Plan and prepare orientation programs and related material for the MBA students
  • Advise students with respect to their respective study plans, degree requirements and check, questions, and assist students to keep student electronic academic record and study plans accurate and updated
  • Understanding AU rules and regulations as they pertain to the MBA degree
  • Participate in course scheduling and its revisions, implementation, and monitoring
  • Participate in the management of the out of class activities such as guest speakers, field trips, career workshops, professional societies and activities, scholarships
  • Data gathering (course syllabi, office hours, courses enrollment, complaints, …) , and assist in the analysis of the information, projection, and reporting
  • Support the CoB faculty MBA Committee, help develop its agenda, and keep its minutes
  • Participate in self-studies and bench marking of the program; the accreditation process by NCAAA and AACSB, and in strategic planning
  • Engage in a development program that involves the attendance of at least one conference per year related to the function of the job of MBA Program Administrator and its students. This should be included in the budget of the program
  • Implement a quality assurance program to collect and analyze MBA students feedback and observations and use them to revise the learning objectives, quality of instructions, performance of the faculty
  • Survey of the MBA graduates on their learning experiences and recommendations for improvements
  • Participate in the development of future revisions, specializations and special projects and potential Ph. D. programs
  • Assist the dean in preparing the agenda for the Advisory Council meeting
  • Alumni Association: Work with the campus Alumni Office to create and update a database for the MBA graduates (alumni). Engage the alumni by developing activities such as a semester or annual newsletter; alumni annual picnic; invitation to some of the current MBA seminars; invite some of them to speak in MBA class/es, orientations; and recruitment of students

Education & Experience

  • Master's (M.B.A) in Business or other related field
  • 4 Years or more expereince preferably in university and school environments

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