Accreditation and Quality Assurance Officer (NAC#161120)

Department Accreditation and Quality Assurance
Division: President’s Office
Job Family: Administrative support
Reports to: Quality Assurance Supervisor

Job Summary: The Accreditation Officer works with the Quality Assurance Supervisor and director with responsibility for the review, implementation, and maintenance of Accreditation and Quality Assurance Standards and Processes to ensure compliance with quality assurance principles and practices of the Alfaisal University. The Accreditation Officer will also be required to liaise with a range of internal stakeholders involved in accreditation reviews and other accreditation processes.


  1. Organizes and helps in the developing process of the quality assurance and accreditation according to the ME and NCAAA rules, regulations, and standards.
  2. Supports University-wide improvement processes through the design, implementation, and analysis of surveys and other forms of data collection.
  3. Enhances useful data and information flow between the Colleges, the executive offices, and other offices, faculty, and staff to improve University-wide accreditation and quality data collection.
  4. Provides critically essential information, evaluations, and statistics related to reporting, assessment, benchmarking, planning, and public information services to support and respond to the university's needs.
  5. Coordinates University-wide activities to achieve institutional effectiveness under University senior management direction and in line with the University policies and procedures.
  6. Develops and meets with senior management and respond to managers needing assistance with their quality control procedures, reporting to AU's leadership and reporting to external agencies and organizations including ME and NCAAA and some essential international accreditation entities.
  7. Demonstrates and interprets quality control of quality assurance principles and continuous improvement as per Alfaisal University policy and procedure.
  8. Researches quality assurance processes, always ready to provide solutions within the quality assurance process.
  9. Maintains documentation when required to create necessarily explanatory documents, reports, statistics, and figures.
  10. Provides and implements needed plans and processes to achieve quality and to obtain accreditation.
  11. Develops and follows-up specific, measurable KPIs for both institutional and program levels.
  12. Performs all duties in a professional, effective, and confidential manner.
  13. Performs all other related duties as required or assigned by the manager.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Information Management, or equivalent from an accredited institute.

Professional Experience

  • Minimum of two (2) years experience working in Quality Management or any other related fields.