Advancement and Donor Relation Officer (NAC#190522)

Department: Advancement
Job Summary: Admin
Reports to: Director / Senior Manager of Advancement
Job Summary: He/ She is responsible for building a strong database of university sponsors and donors, boosting digital, corporate, and personal engagement, strengthening ties and leading the donor recognition program university wide.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Collaborate with Collages/ Departments to expand donor’s database through surveys and data collection; monitor and ensure accurate and complete records.
  2. Update and manage university database of Board of Trustees, corporate and individual donors, partners.
  3. Coordinate a comprehensive donor engagement program and effective communication plan including mass mailing, newsletters, and social media to keep donors informed and engaged with university programs, events and educational accomplishments.
  4. Responsible for developing and implementing engagement and fundraising strategies to enhance and grow revenue from current and prospective donors.
  5. Develop, implement, and manage donor acknowledgment and recognition plan including timely acknowledgment update and biyearly comprehensive report.
  6. Develop and fully execute yearly outreach plan to promote university academicals programs, research, events and activities to further enhance external relational, partnerships, donations.
  7. Draft briefings, reports, and any required correspondences for sponsored programs to share with donors and partners in regular bases.
  8. Responsibility to coordinate and provide on-site management for department initiatives/events/ and projects.
  9. Maintain accurate and complete records of all reports and communications with donors.
  10. Support in monitoring and reporting financial generated revenues/expenses associated with the Student Fund Program
  11. Performs all other duties in a professional, effective and confidential manner.
  12. Performs all other related duties as required or assigned.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Business Administration, or equivalent from an accredited institute.


Education & Experience

  • Minimum of two (2) years of experience working in Public Relations or any related fields.