Corporate Governance Officer(COB#150519)

College of Business

Corporate Governance Center (CGC)

Job Family:

Reports to:
The Dean College of Business

Job Summary

Work as Research officer for Corporate Governance Center (CGC). The Candidate will be

Responsible for working on all aspects of the CG Index project including collecting and archiving data/information; scoring process of performance and compliance of companies. This needs to deal with companies’ financial administrative information.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

The qualified candidate is responsible to work directly with the supervisor of CGC on CGI project. The following are the main duties:

  • Participate in the assessment process, by reviewing the collected information and apply it to the assessment model.
  • Analyze data and information.
  • Prepare and maintain excel database.
  • The scoring process is based on automized system, so candidate should have the ability to work on computer and deal with huge documents and data files.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations whenever needed including PPTs.
  • Collaborate with the CGC to promote the center.
  • Ability to translate Arabic to English and vise-versa.
  • Flexibility of time; some weeks very busy, but others are relaxed.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s in Business (preferably in Finance or Accounting); a graduate degree can be an added value.