Manager of Internship and Community Relations (CoB#220522)

The holder of this job will be working with the Vice Dean for Internship and Community Relations (once it is established). The holder of the job must have an MBA degree and with few or more years of experience preferably in the higher education of business. This job consists of four supplementary segments. These are:

Manager of the Internship for the Undergraduate Business Administration Program.This requires:

  1. Be familiar with the internship policy and procedures and its KPIs.
  2. Check the legibility of the student to go on the internship.
  3. Help each intern student prepare his/her resumes, and brainstorm on his/her career objective/s within his/her major.
  4. Develop and maintain a bank of companies and government agencies that need interns.
  5. Match the student with a company that serves his/her objective/s and grant him/her the opportunity to complete the internship.
  6. Select a department and company supervisors for the intern and open a dialogue between the intern and the selected supervisors to finalize the internship objectives.
  7. Complete the required forms (especially Form A: statement of internship objectives) and have them finalized and signed by the appropriate parties.
  8. Continue the communication between the above three parties, and engage the chair, and dean’s office in case of any problems with the internship.
  9. Carry the process to the end until the academic supervisor submits the grade to the Internship Office and on to AU Registrar.
  10. Collect and analyze the interns’ and company supervisors’ surveys and reflect these on the objectives of the internship and to what degree its KPIs are satisfied.
  11. Work with the Vice Deans and Dean on proposing potential improvements.
  12. Follow up with the chairs to complete the iSER for each of the current internship majors.

Manager of CoB Community Relations:

  1. This supplements the Internship process described above as it involves interacting with the companies and government agencies administrators. Within this interaction, the manager works with the related vice dean to identify and action:
  2. Serves as a key point of contact for regional businesses, industry, institutions, residents, and community partners.
  3. Plan, coordinate, and execute Speakers for Executive Lecture series including attracting influential speakers.
  4. Engage Business Stuudent Association (BSA) in community activities and invited executive speakers. May initiate a committee within BSA called “Business Ambassadors”.
  5. Proactively target potential donors for scholarships, students’ internship and job opportunities, community projects and consultancy work for the faculty and students.
  6. Supervise the Executive Education Office as an integral part of CoB community services.
  7. Increase the community awareness of CoB programs, faculty and services, and initiate and support opportunities for partnerships with CoB.
  8. Recommend curriculum changes that can serve the businesses and government agencies.

Manage the Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting on CoB Activities: This includes:

  1. Work with the program offices to develop the required flyers, brochures and disseminate the marketing material.
  2. Photo/video CoB events and develop news releases to be posted on AU media and CoB website.
  3. Collect and document the required data on enrollment, probations, dismissals, graduation, alumni news, and coordinate with other CoB offices on Item 1.j above (Internship reporting).
  4. Work with the dean’s office to improve and update CoB website.

Alumni Relations:

  1. Work with AU Alumni Office and CoB programs offices including the MBA’s to manage CoB alumni relations. This requires:
  2. Keep data record on their employment, successes, experiences, news, …, and testimonials.
  3. Engage them with respect to Items 1-3 above as they are our ambassadors to the larger community.
  4. Develop a good public relations program for the alumni including at least one annual function to be held on AU.  
  5. Work with the MBA Office to enrich the MBA Magazine, “The Lead” and may develop it to be CoB magazine to be published 2-3 times per year.
  6. Initiate an alumni association and connect it with BSA and engage it in students’ recruitment, orientations, Executive Lectures, internships, and employment.