ER Senior Manager Position in External Relation at Alfaisal University [Saudis Only] #210119

External Relation professionals are typically tasked with creating and implementing public relations, marketing and/or communications strategies; developing fund raising plans; department budgeting; building and fostering relationships with constituents; and enhancing the organization's public image and brand.

The ER Senior Manager is a member of the management team and reports directly to the VP External Relations. The ER Senior Manager has responsibility for the strategic planning and management of the University’s marketing, public relations, branding, publications, and media relations, fund raising, alumni and placement relations, advocacy, outreach, CSR and government relations. The Office of External Relations brings together units responsible for influencing public policy and opinion and strengthening the university’s reputation and the perceptions people hold of it.

The Vice President External Relations is responsible for providing executive level direction and management oversight for strategic marketing, web page management, media relations, campus events, and retention strategies and activities. Under the direction of the VP External Relations, the ER Senior Manager performs some, or all, of the following duties:

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the development and administration of the division strategic planning.
  • Participates in developing a 5 year strategic plan for the university and insures the execution of its objectives and action plan within the required timeline.
  • Compose business plans for various ER functions as per VP ER directions.
  • Assists the VP ER and other administrators in gathering, collating, and analysing data relative to strategic planning, accreditation, marketing, and enrolment and recruitment planning for the University.
  • Fulfils MOE, NCAAA requirements with regards to external collaboration.
  • Work closely with the senior management teams and designated staff to pace and drive university development and implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Develops the annual operating budget for the University’s External Relations Division.
  • Works collaboratively with the University’s leadership team on, research, programs and activities related to managing academic policies, by-laws and proposed amendment.
  • Works closely with fundraising committee and the development department in regards to endowments, donation and funding opportunities to increase the university financial resources.
  • Assists the VP of External Relations in regards to providing leadership and direction in setting overall goals, monitor budgets, advise department directors and managers on department needs and workloads.
  • Works cooperatively and collaboratively with the campus community, including the Faculty Assembly, Employee Advisory Committee, Student Alliance, the President’s Staff, Dean’s Council.
  • Lead and focus the effort of the university staff and resources towards strategic national and international collaborations and marketing outreach.
  • Managing Alfaisal’s Agreements Database.
  • Initiates and maintains cooperative relationships with other colleges and universities, professional organizations, civic organizations, and relevant groups.
  • Is responsible for management and execution of major campus events, VIP events and Alumni Relations and Donor relations strategies and activities.
  • Maintains current management techniques and procedures.
  • Ensures responsible allocation of human and fiscal resources to programs.
  • Represents the university on national and international events, committees, and other related functions.
  • Represents VP External Relations internally an externally.
  • Travels on behalf of VP External Relations.
  • Serves as an advisor to the VP ER.
  • Develop, expand, and generate new business opportunities.
  • Enhance the work environment.
  • Strengthen and better the communications between ER Division and other university departments/colleges.
  • Ensure that projects and/or programs are being carried out within the assigned department, adheres to and compiles with the policies and rules and regulations of Alfaisal.
  • Increases ER Division’s companies database.
  • Handles VP ER’s schedule, meetings, filing, etc.
  • Is responsible for other duties as assigned.
  • Execute all tasks given by the ER VP.

Internal Relationships
  • Departments’ Head
  • Colleges

External Relationships
  • External Entities
  • Affiliates/ Partners
  • Clients
  • Business Forums
  • Concerned Governmental Organizations

Education & Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in business administration or any relevant field.
  • 12 – 14 years of related and relevant experience, preferably in university’s and schools environment.