Administrative Assistant [Saudis Female Only] (NAC) (NAC#151219)

Job Summary:
The Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing complex administrative support for department management, in producing reports, coordinating and overseeing the work of support staff, and supporting all department staff in support of day-to-day operations.

  1. Prepare and modify all departmental documents including correspondence, reports, drafts, memos and emails.
  2. Assists in the development of the department, events, special activity, and projects budget reports, purchase requests, petty cash & provides a monthly report and as and when requested.
  3. Schedules, plans and coordinates work actions of support staff in accordance to the department’s annual plan & strategy.
  4. To execute and plan the University visits. provides a monthly report
  5. Responsible for managing Events Projects. Review the project key performance, Indicators to determine accurate status and assigning staff to maintain project on target
  6. Collects data from various sources and analyzes for accuracy, completeness and relevance.
  7. Prepares complex, statistical, technical, financial, and confidential and other various reports, charts and graphs.
  8. Assists with the implementation of department and University policies and procedures, through timely announcements, with spokespersons for all colleges and departments.
  9. Provides administrative support to upper level department management by scheduling appointments, coordinating meetings and conferences and maintaining and ordering office supplies.
  10. Maintains PR email and responds to enquiries on a regular basis.
  11. Maintains all departments’ files and purges old obsolete documents to ensure files remain updated.
  12. Coordinates with HR to review potential candidates CV for vacant positions, and schedules with Manager
  13. Coordinates to ensure preparation of new employees’ desks, email addresses, PCs, ID badges and other necessities required by the employee to perform his/her duties
  14. To assist with special projects and assume responsibility for the development, Administration, and promotion of specific projects, as required
  15. To schedule all internal and external departmental meetings, minutes taking and actions tracking.
  16. Responsible for maintaining a detailed inventory of all department stock, gift items, marketing collateral and producing as part of a monthly report.
  17. To coach and train on visits, BoT meetings proceedures
  18. Oversee all administrative aspects of events, visits, seminars including announcements, invitations, confirmations, certificates, badges & evaluations.

External Relationships Relationships

  • Concerned Alfaisal Employees

Internal Relationships

  • Concerned Department Vendors
  • Department Job Applicants

Education & Experience

  • Diploma in Business Administration or related field.
  • 3 - 4 years of related and relevant experience.
Please upload CV in ENGLISH ONLY