Job Opportunities in Alfaisal University for Admissions Recruitment Officer (NAC #15617)

Job Summary:
All recruitment and admissions related tasks that include but not limited to interacting with applicants, answer their inquiries and review their applications. Handle all student recruitment related activates in and outside the campus and represent the University in college and school fairs and educational exhibition.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities


  1. Creating, organizing, developing and Executing student recruitment plan and annual report
  2. Contacting and meeting high school principal and Coordinators to explain the benefits of the program. Then arranging and scheduling school and campus visits and finally writing a report regarding each visit
  3. Designing, preparing and presenting a recruitment presentation that contains all the admission criteria and the distinctive advantages of the university. The preparation also includes ordering all necessary items such as gift bags from Marketing department and food boxes from facility department
  4. Providing and guiding prospective students with all necessary information during the student recruitment events, school and campus visits and weekly open day campus visit ,also giving them a tour inside the campus in each visit
  5. Representing Alfaisal University to local, regional and national recruiting and related organizations such as IECHE, Universities fair, the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity, School Fairs +Preparing and Organizing the open house event Preparing and Organizing the How to Choose Your Major Event + Preparing and distributing rewarding certificates to current students regarding to their volunteering during the recruitment events, school and campus visits and finally organizing and writing a report regarding each event
  6. Assist new students with the enrolment process and the programs offered, admission procedure, eligibility and fees
  7. Represent Alfaisal in exhibitions such as the International Exhibition and Conference of Higher Education (IECHE), and various other school exhibitions;
  8. Participate in student recruitment visits to public, private and international schools to promote Alfaisal University;
  9. Keep a good line of communication with school principals and staff to facilitate school and campus visits;
  10. Organize and manage the Open House event and invite schools and students to it;
  11. Assist in organizing the “How to Choose your Major Lecture” and broadcast the invitation to a huge number of high school students.
  12. Performs other duties as assigned


  1. Supervise the admission process and flowchart and make sure that the admission team is following it;
  2. Assist in managing the Student Information Records through BlackBaud;
  3. Evaluate applicants documents and approves their accuracy and eligibility to Alfaisal requirements;
  4. Guide students throughout the admission process and keep them informed of any missing items in their applications;
  5. Communicate with prospect students on admission requirements, policies and procedures, and identify potential problems and facilitate solutions;
  6. Introduce students to the OOPT test and help them understand it’s use and importance;
  7. Supervise and manage the Oxford English Placement Test;
  8. Respond to inquiries from students, faculty and internal student service groups.
  9. Resolve tickets submitted by students and applicants in regards to admissions and various student services requests.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelors Degree in a relevant field (Business, Management Studies etc.) or an acceptable equivalent.
  • 3 - 5 years of related and relevant experience, preferably in educational institution or acceptable equivalent