Job Opportunities in Alfaisal University for Business Administration Program-Office .(NAC)#040618

Job Summary:
The Supervisor/Manager/Director of the Undergraduate Business Administration Program/Office (BSAD) at Alfaisal University helps the dean and the faculty to deal with all administrative and some of the academic matters of the program. The job consists of many activities; some are internal (within the BSAD Program) and others are external, mostly dealing with other functions and offices in Alfaisal University (AU). Below I specify the activities within each of the two categories:

Internal Activities

These form a large portion of the job (over 85%) these are:
  • Understanding the curriculum and degree requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and all its current and future concentrations and revisions
  • Advise students with respect to their respective study plans, degree requirements and check, and assist students to keep student electronic academic record and study plans updated
  • Understanding AU rules and regulations as they pertain to the BBA degree in BSAD.
  • Participate in the identification and resolution of student appeals, probations, and dismissals
  • Participate in course scheduling, its implementation and monitoring
  • Participate in the management of the out of class activities such as guest speakers, field trips, career workshops, open houses, professional societies and activities, scholarships and internships,
  • Data gathering (list of student advisees, course syllabi, office hours, courses enrollment, enrollment data, student disciplinary cases, …) , and assist in the analysis, projection, and reporting
  • Orientations of students and Teaching Assistants, and supervision of the TAs
  • Support the Undergraduate Business Administration Committee
  • Participate in self-studies and bench marking of the program; the accreditation process, and in strategic planning
  • Participate in upgrading the program website, and enhance its attractiveness and effectiveness.
  • Engage in a development program that involves the attendance of at least one conference per year related to the function of the job and BSAD program and its students. This should be included in the budget of the program.
  • Implement a system to analyze the students observations and use them to give more feedback from the students perspective on the learning objectives, quality of instructions, performance of the faculty, …. . Survey of the graduates on their learning experiences and recommendations for improvements
  • Participate in the development of the College of Business catalog and its future revisions
  • Special projects

External Activities

These include:
  • Development of promotional material in cooperation of AU counter parts especially Student Affairs.
  • Interaction with Student Affairs: Registrar, Admissions, Recruitment/Outreach, Office of Special Programs, Financial Aids, …
  • AU freshman recruitment tours and dissimination of BSAD brochures
  • Participation in external surveys
  • Interact with job placement and Career Services at AU
  • Education Abroad program once it is initiated at AU
  • Represent the dean and the program in certain meetings and forums in AU and other local forums that may help the BSAD students
  • Interaction with external advisors, guest speakers, and business leaders