Career Development Professional (NAC #061217)

Job Summary:
The CD Professional is responsible for providing counseling and guidance to alumni/students looking for the perfect career, whether they are just entering the work force or making a switch. These professionals help alumni/students in every aspect of career decisions, from training to resume writing to choosing a career path.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Works under the direction of the Director of Alumni and Placement Relations.
  2. Contributes to the development, and executes, an alumni relations strategy, particularly young and recent alumni.
  3. Teaches alumni/students about finding jobs, including how to write resumes, locate potential employers, and conduct interviews. Helping alumni/students improve their communication and conflict management abilities may also be included.
  4. Develops and directs an innovative array of programs and services related to career exploration, planning and development. The focus of these programs and services is to develop, sustain and continually improve a career development model that can be implemented for each student and that will engage students in developing a four year career development action plan.
  5. Advises and mentors alumni/students, engage faculty and staff in collaborative and supportive efforts related to career development for alumni/students, and create and implement programs, services and online resources to facilitate and enhance alumni/students career development on and off campus and, through effective use of the internet and inter-university collaborations abroad, around the world.
  6. The professional stays current on national and international trends, and ensures that national and international opportunities for internships and employment are promoted, educating alumni/students, faculty and staff on industry and market trends as necessary.
  7. Consults and works closely with colleagues in a variety of campus offices or external entities to coordinate outreach efforts and to enhance skills development opportunities in alumni/students leadership and employment activities.
  8. Oversees development and implementation of various events and activities (campus-based, industry-based, career fairs, seminars, presentations, workshops, alumni networking events, etc.), and works with colleagues responsible to develop high quality materials for publicity through online and print publications.
  9. Designs, develops and leads the implementation of the career development strategy
  10. Connects the career development strategy with the APR strategy and the university strategy
  11. Establishes the center’s short and longterm goals, ensures that day-to-day operations are in line with those goals, and assesses programs and services in terms of metrics including costs and benefits, participation, cost effectiveness, etc.
  12. Sets the basic schedule of career development activities during the year.
  13. Leads and manages the development of different development programs for alumni/students and promotes these development programs in the university
  14. Assess the results of development programs regularly
  15. Leads the design of different assessment tools
  16. Leads strategic organization wide projects focused on the development of high potentials and young leaders
  17. Conducts career guidance classroom presentations
  18. Ability to establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with all stakeholders
  19. Organize, prioritize, manage and carry out duties efficiently and within established timeframes
  20. Demonstrate the ability to effectively use technology in daily work
  21. Ensures that alumni data are appropriately recorded on database and collaborates with the research and information officer to ensure that data classification is proper updated/maintained.
  22. Produces complex data reports and provides analysis.
  23. Assumes responsibility for the career center homepage.
  24. Copy edits/proofs all alumni and development materials.
  25. Works closely with PRM & Facility in the execution of campus events.
  26. Conducts broad-based prospect research (demographics, industry sector, etc.).
  27. Produces research profiles, bios, wealth indicators for the development team and senior administration.
  28. Execute all tasks given by the APR Director.

Organizational Relationships

Internal Relationships

  • APR Team
  • Concerned Alfaisal Students
  • ERD Staff
  • Alfaisal Staff

External Relationships

  • Alfaisal Alumni
  • Vendors
  • Targeted entities

Education & Experience

  • Bachelors in Business Administration, HR, Counseling etc.
  • Min 2-3 years of related and relevant experience.