Post-doc for Graphene based Polymer Nanocomposites project in Alfaisal University (#051217)

Job Summary:
The Nanomaterials Laboratory at Alfaisal University hosts a research environment focused on the development of materials and their applications within the Polymer Nanocompsites.

We are looking for excellent Post-doc candidate with a general background in chemical-physics, electrochemistry and/or materials science with a PhD in one of these domains. Experience in Polymer Nanocompsites will be strongly appreciated. They must have passed their PhD between September 2013 and September 2016. The postdoctoral fellow will work on design and synthesis of novel Graphene based nanocomposite materials and their application polymer gel. A Ph.D degree in Physics/Chemistry/Materials Science and relevant research experience are required for this position.

Requirements: The applicant should have a PhD in Chemistry, involving materials chemistry. A background within the polymer research area, and competences regarding Materials characterization technique, are useful for the project. Competences in physical chemistry and/or polymer chemistry are interesting. For a postdoctoral position it is required that the holder has a PhD degree or a foreign degree equivalent to a PhD degree.

Additional qualifications: The candidate must have excellent capabilities in written and oral English.